Itchy feet

Natasha and Cameron are the couple behind the noble venture of The World Pursuit. Straight out of college Natasha left to travel the world and Cameron followed on. They would meet halfway, somewhere in the world, in his spare time from studying.

Several continents and some time later (much more than initially anticipated) they were back on American soil, ready to settle down after getting the traveling bug out of their systems. Or so they thought.

They moved to New York to start their so-called dream life in the Big Apple, but discovered it wasn’t their dream after all. They sold their belongings, saved some extra money and left to explore the world.

A passion for traveling brought them on a continuous journey around the world, talking them through the five continents and many countries: 42 and counting. Why? Well, the real question is, why not?


Cappadocia, Turkey. It is a natural wonderland amusement park. The region is fiercely beautiful and has a sharply different culture from the rest of Turkey. It is so much more than the famous hot air balloon rides famous on the internet. The region is the sort of place where you’ll be invited into someone’s home to share tea and a warm conversation.


For Americans Cyprus is some relatively unheard-of destination that seems relatively undiscovered. This is anything but the case. It is a very popular destination for Europeans and it’s easy to understand why. The island is a Mediterranean gem with a varied coastline. It is wonderfully Greek, yet has it’s own spin on things.


Zakopane, Poland. It’s a very popular destination for the Poles, but few foreigners know about the popular town. When we arrived we found a charming mountain town with plenty of great places to stay and beautiful architecture that is entirely unique to the region. The Tatras are the real prize here though, and with access to these stunning mountains it makes Zakopane an easy decision. Also, try their smoked cheese. It can’t be found anywhere else due to pasteurization laws, but is one of the best local food products we’ve ever had.


Japan: no country conjures the imagination quite like Japan. The cultural differences between Japan and any other western country is vast. The culture, history, architecture, and the beauty of their islands are renowned. It is a culture so diligent in all aspects of life from spotless streets, to exquisite designs, and even the art of Ikebana. Oh, and did I mention the food?


Greece has history, food, culture, sun, beaches, and the most welcoming people. Greece has our hearts; I don’t think that will change anytime soon.

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